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About Us

Bould Consulting Limited are a leading independent construction, development and property consultancy, operating throughout the Caribbean and Central America for the past 50 years providing our clients with the most comprehensive and forward thinking advice available.

We do this through our diverse team of experts, who possess a passion for both core services and innovation. We are committed to developing new services and techniques aimed at enhancing your business in the long term.

The constraints on the modern construction industry require a progressive and fast paced response.

It is no longer about simply constructing a building for a project. It is about delivering projects with added value at each step, from inception through to completion.Bould Consulting Limited understands and delivers this.

Bould Consulting Limited is focused on creating long term value and long lasting relationships. This approach has rewarded us with a wealth of experience, successfully delivering projects with a combined value of more than US$10 billion, which gives our clients both in the private and public sectors unparalleled expertise and peace of mind.

Bould Consulting Limited are specialists in analysing and managing the construction and development risks unique to the Caribbean region. Risks that differ from country to country which are not only project related, but also comprise the myriad cultural and economic idiosyncrasies.

Such risks include the need to import the vast majority of materials, the use of a limited and skilled and efficient work force, immigration and customs controls and construction contracts tailored to the region.

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